Investigation of PCB Contamination in the Housatonic River

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1 and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


GEODESY has worked over 15 years under multiple contracts on the  Housatonic River Project. GEODESY was involved in the site investigative  process in a wide variety of activities including Site investigations,  regulatory agency negotiations, Human Health Risk Assessment, Ecological Risk Assessment, Community and Public  Involvement, and Peer Review support.

Geographic  Information Manager, 1999 - present.  Managed GIS overseeing all aspects  of project spatial data for several key EPA contractor user groups,  including ecological and human health risk assessors, ecologists,  hydrologist, geomorphologists, modelers, remedial design, and  construction engineers.  Led a team of GIS specialists to ensure all  spatial data were collected, analyzed, and presented in the most  efficient, accurate means available to support one of the largest  environmental assessments undertaken by the USEPA.  Efficiency was  gained through the development of a robust map request and delivery  system over a secure internet connection, cutting the time required to  get maps on the table in a remote field office from days to hours and  sometimes minutes.  Also developed an interactive application used to  simulate remediation by calculating Exposure Point Concentration (EPCs)  on the fly for comparison with Interim Media Protection Goals (IMPGs)  specified as Human Health Risk Targets for a given Exposure Unit.  The  tool allows for avoidance of sensitive habitats and selective removal of  contaminated soil to achieve remedial goals as well as providing  estimates of removal volume.

GEODESY is currently managing a 10GB  environmental database with 1M+ analytical results from 75,000  locations that links directly to a GIS for mapping and data analysis.  This data management system includes all data collected over the past 15  years. New data from GE as well as split sample results are continually  added to the system.